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(7 Years Old) Drum Student "FA Music School"
FA Music School

(7 Years Old) Drum Student "FA Music School"

We have a comprehensive musical preparation program designed
to develop the natural talent of each student.
(8 yrs old and up   -   2 hrs / Week)
Instrument and Music Theory.
 Each of these subjects is adapted according to the age and level of knowledge of each student, which allows us to create groups of no more than 6 students per classroom, guaranteeing maximum results.
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Instrument Instruction

To master a musical instrument many variables take place. Our instrument instruction is specifically designed to achieve a fast solid growth.

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Music Theory

Music is a language, in fact it is the universal language, and as in any other language there are rules of grammar, orthography and calligraphy.

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Musical Instruments
The instruments taught in the program are: Guitar-Drum-Piano-Voice-Percussion and Electric Bass. The program includes as part of its dynamic: demonstrative open exams, presentations and recitals inside and / or outside the institution. Years of experience have led us to implement essential and highly effective strategies for the musical growth of our students; For this reason, the theoretical and practical advancement of our students is achieved in a fast and efficient way.

The piano is undoubtedly one of the most popular musical instruments, its harmonious...

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The voice is a special instrument, it makes you unique and through it’s range of harmonic and…

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The Drum set is the backbone of a musical band. The drum is rhythm, groove, beat and…

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Percussion is the most adaptable family of musical instruments that exists…

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The electric guitar is an instrument with a wide range

of tonal possibilities 


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We have a Bass teaching

method that helps our

students to develop…

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Musical Instruments
Mobile School
If you can not bring your children to our School, 
we will bring our School to you!
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