Welcome to FA Music School, The Most Complete Music Education in Miami.

At FA Music School, we offer the most complete music education in Miami. We have been at Hialeah Gardens for 7 years, and our academic plans cover the three fundamental areas in learning music: Instrument Instruction, Musical Ensemble, and Music Theory. Our school is the perfect place for children and adults from 4 years of age and older to learn about music and improve their skills. Thank you for your visit, and we hope that you will take advantage of our musical education. 


Full Program
(7yrs and Up      3hrs / Week)
The Full Program offers a comprehensive musical preparation program designed to develop the natural talent of each student. Each subject is adapted according to the student's age and knowledge level, creating groups of no more than 6 students/classroom, guaranteeing maximum results.
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Early Music Program
(4 yrs      1hr / Week)
Early Music is a group class designed to stimulate in our "Little Levites" the development of creativity, imagination, and motor coordination. 
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Toddler Music Program
(5 - 6 yrs      1hr / Week)
This program is designed to provide
our students with the necessary
practical and theoretical bases for the understanding and interpretation
of music. 
Adult Music


It is so important for us to provide our students an academic education with excellence, giving them the necessary tools to become professional musicians, as well as values, wisdom, growth and spiritual maturity that only the study of the word provides, and turns our students into worshipers.  


We work with Excellence, Honesty, Respect, Commitment, Discipline, Unity and Tolerance, to train future generations of praising leaders. We want to be recognized as the school with highest academic level and by having studied at FA Music School represents the best letter of recommendation for our graduates.

"Train the child in his way, and even when he is old he will not turn away from him." Proverbs 22: 6

"The Most Complete Music Education
in Miami


If you can not bring your children to our Institute, we will bring our Institute to you!

We know your limitations as parents for your children to enroll in after school activities. For this reason, if you can not bring your children to our School, we will bring our School to your children.
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This is an excellent Music Academy, the teachers are very knowledgeable and have such a great attitude with the kids, this is exactly what I was looking for 😊 (June, 2022)

—  Vanessa A


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