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Kasey Canales, FAworship Teacher
FA Worship

Kasey Canales, FAworship Teacher


The piano is undoubtedly one of the most popular musical instruments. 

Its harmonious, melodic and rhythmic richness, makes it one of the most complete instruments. Here at FA Music School, we give our students the necessary tools for a complete mastery of the instrument, so they can perform as session musicians, within a musical ensemble or as a soloist.


Our students will learn:


  • Techniques to develop speed, fingering and coordination on both hands.

  • Reading in the various keys.

  • Mastery of scales.

  • Harmony, accompaniment, composition.

  • Improvisation, mastery of scales and other resources that will prepare them to perform different musical genres.

Piano only
Mobile School
If you can not bring your children to our School, 
we will bring our School you!
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