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F A Worship LLC - Regulation for Students


1 - The student agrees to wear the uniform during class, keep order, discipline and respect everyone, whether they are classmates, teachers, administrative personnel or staff.

2 - F A Worship LLC reserves the right to assign each student their schedule, teacher and study program, depending on the age, academic level and learning needs of each student.

3 - All students must be duly registered and have their payments up to date to have access to classes, the registration fee and monthly payment is personal and non-transferable.

4 - The payment of the tuition is monthly and not per class, for no reason can it be divided, nor can a partial or total refund of the monthly payment or the registration fee be made.


5 - All tuition payments will remain frozen as long as the student does not interrupt their studies, unless it is for a reason of major force. If this happens, you will lose any benefit, discount or promotion that was granted to you at the time of registration.


6 - F A Worship LLC will automatically charge the tuition on the 5th of each month, any delay will lead to an extra charge of $25 for late payment.


7 - F A Worship LLC guarantees each student a schedule, room, instrument and teacher for the class. It is not our obligation to make up classes for any reason beyond our control, it is the responsibility of the student and/or parents to be punctual and attend.


8 - Each student is responsible for his personal belongings and the equipment or instrument that is lent to him during class or rehearsal, therefore, if he detects any failure or damage, he must immediately report it to his/her teacher or staff.


9 - The internal calendar of F A Worship LLC has been designed in such a way that students do not miss classes for holidays or others. The academic plan is annual and consists of 48 weeks of classes in the calendar year from January to December.


10- I give my authorization to F A Worship LLC for the use of photographs and videos that include my image or that of my child, solely for the dissemination and promotion of F A Worship LLC that is carried out in any medium, whether printed or digital. In that sense, I authorize the use of my name or that of my son as well as any comment that may have been made during the recording of a video, and the same be edited for the purposes already mentioned.

I acknowledge that I have read and understand all F A Worship LLC policies and procedures listed above.


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